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E-commerce & Supply chain

High-scalable e-commerce and supply
chain software solutions for global clients

High-scalable e-commerce and supply chain software solutions for global clients

Streamlining workflow to reduce errors and increase your business value globally.

Evoqins a software development company


Criteria to choose us for e-commerce and supply chain


The team is focused on delivering a well-designed e-commerce platform for your business by improving customer satisfaction, building brand loyalty, and driving growth over time.


Customizes the software solutions to meet the specific requirements of your business by providing greater flexibility in managing operations, inventory, and supply chain activities


Software solutions increase the ability to handle growing demands and accommodate increased traffic, transaction, and data volumes without compromising system performance or reliability.


By collaborating with business stakeholders, our team ensures the software is developed with a customer-focused approach to achieve your business goals.


We select a team with the necessary expertise for your business idea to ensure the developed software is delivered with high-quality performance and reliability by meeting the end-users requirements.


Implements trust-building strategies to develop a loyal customer base and improve customer retention, leading to higher customer satisfaction and a stronger competitive advantage.

Technological advantages

Proficient in institutional-grade data and API for the development



Impactful solutions provided to our clients

E-commerce Platforms

All-in-one solution that provides everything needed to run an online store, including a website builder, shopping cart, payment gateway, and other essential features.

Shipping and Logistics Software

Help businesses manage shipping and logistics operations, including calculating shipping rates, label printing, order management, inventory management, and delivering tracking.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Businesses can improve customer relationships through personal interaction, automation of sales, scaling their operations more effectively, and marketing processes.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems

Comprehensive software solutions help businesses manage the absolute supply chain operation, from procurement to delivery, by reducing lead times and improving order fulfilment rates.

Inventory Optimization Systems

Optimizes business inventory levels to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency using advanced algorithms to analyze historical data for different products or locations.

Single & multi-vendor delivery platforms

Help manage the production processes of businesses, including capacity planning, production scheduling, and material requirements planning like Bigbasket or Zepto.

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Evoqins a software development company

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Evoqins a software development company
Evoqins a software development company

Enterprises & logistics

We are experts in serving manufacturing and retail industries by developing top-notch software solutions and building efficient platforms for our clients by optimizing the business process, integrating various platforms, and automating workflow through personalized features.