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Enterprise & logistics

Delivering top-notch software solutions
with revolutionary innovations for
enterprise & logistics industry

Delivering top-notch software solutions with revolutionary innovations for enterprise & logistics industry

Covered from SMEs to top-ranked companies in the market

Evoqins a software development company


Criteria to choose us for your enterprise and logistics industry


Reducing the risk of errors by improving data management to provide real-time insights through effective software development services for our client’s business operations.


Helping enterprises and logistic businesses connect different systems and platforms by ensuring the data flows, providing businesses real-time visibility into their operations.


Specializes in designing and developing software that meets the needs of the industry. We enable them to develop solutions to meet business requirements with different features and functionality.


Prioritizes security by ensuring the software is secure and protected from cyber threats. While delivering the end product, the team will ensure it complies with regulatory standards, such as PCI-DSS and GDPR.


The team develops software solutions to create an independent platform for managing single or multi-department approvals that can keep track of clients' tasks through reminders and personalized alerts features.


Scale as businesses grow as their operations get more complex by ensuring continuous support to the software for handling increased volumes of transactions and data as your business expands.

Technological advantages

Proficient in institutional-grade data and API for the development



Impactful solutions provided to our clients

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

The integrated software goal is to provide a single view of the operation by making it easier for businesses to manage their processes, including finance, human resources, and supply chain management.

Transportation management systems (TMS)

These software systems help businesses plan, execute, and optimize logistics services, including delivery scheduling, route optimization, and shipment tracking.

Warehouse management system (WMS)

Helps businesses manage warehouse operations to provide real-time visibility into inventory management, order fulfilment, picking and packing, among many others.

Human resource management system (HRMS)

Assists businesses in managing their human resource processes, including monitoring employee activities, managing employee benefits, and payroll processing.

Accounting and finance systems (AFS)

We are helping businesses to manage their financial operations, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger, by providing detailed financial information.

Commercial vehicle booking app

Providing vehicle booking apps like Proter, which typically includes modules for trade compliance, customs declaration, and tax calculation to increase efficiency for better control over business operations.

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Evoqins a software development company

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Evoqins a software development company
Evoqins a software development company


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